Writing for Kids: Hot Topics for Summer Writing

I think summer is a great time to write. But like my summer reading, I prefer to keep my summer writing light. That doesn’t mean I don’t write often or take my writing seriously. I do. What it means is I like to write about things that are uplifting, fresh, and fun—especially when I write for kids. Browsing through some children’s magazines the other day, I discovered what topics are hot with kids right now and what types of writing are selling. Much of it fits my idea of summer writing.

Recent magazines for boys cover a range of topics, but many stories and articles revolve around sports and outdoor activities—fishing, baseball, biking, backpacking, basketball, etc.—and animals. General articles don’t sell, though; what do are pieces on a unique aspect of the topic. The May 2012 issue of Boys’ Life, for example, has an article on amazing fishing boats. Sharks' teeth are discussed in the latest Boys’ Quest magazine.


Girls’ magazines cover topics like pets, bedroom design, cooking, hair styles, and friendship. Magazines for girls contain lots of fun activities, including quizzes, craft ideas, games, and easy recipes. While fiction stories still have a place in magazines for girls, what seems to be an even hotter seller is nonfiction. Articles with lists—how-tos, tips, and tricks—have become especially popular.

Unisex magazines carry an array of topics, from unusual animals (like bobtail squids in Highlights) to fascinating history (like historic storms in Cobblestone). Other topics that caught my eye include bugs, photography, finding a summer job, daydreams, hiking, and easy stress relievers.

So whatever you choose to write about this summer, consider a topic that’s “light”—especially if you’re writing for kids. Not only will it appeal to them, it’ll make the writing process breezy and fun.

For more on popular topics for kids, check out this article.

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