Midsummer Writing Slump? Try These Writing Pick-Me-Ups

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Going through a midsummer writing slump? If you can’t get yourself to sit down and write, what you might need is something new and different to inspire you—or at least get you thinking about writing again. Here are some ideas for getting back on track with your craft this summer:

1. Relive your vacation. Did you do something interesting on your summer vacation? Maybe you went somewhere unique or experienced something worth sharing. Or, maybe you have a funny anecdote to tell. Jot it down! Whether or not it becomes a publishable piece doesn’t matter; writing about a memorable time is motivating, fun, and stress-free.

2. Start a journal. Journals can also be motivating for writers. If you haven’t been keeping one, summer is a good time to start. Journals are a place to write about anything you want, in any style or form you want. They often lead to something bigger, but they can be self-serving, too.

3. Revisit an unfinished piece. Did you write a story years ago and toss it aside? Why not pull it out and take another look. After all this time, you may find a new way to approach the piece and discover that it’s worth finishing after all.

4. Write a book review. If you’ve read something good (or bad) this summer, consider writing about the book. Book reviews are always appreciated. Give a brief summary, explain the book’s strengths and weaknesses, and offer a general opinion. You can submit the review for publication, post it on your blog, or share it with friends.

5. Take a writing refresher class. Taking a writing class is a great summer pick-me-up, and it can accomplish many things, including learning a new writing skill and fine-tuning what you already know. Most important, writing classes will get you writing, and they may even result in several potential submissions. For convenience, look into the numerous writing courses offered online.

Got any other ideas? Please feel free to share your remedy for a midsummer writing slump.


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