My articles have appeared in numerous children's and adult publications, including Imagination Cafe, Boys' Quest, Learning Through History, Our Little Friend, Writing World, Stories for Children, Animal Wellness, Triangle Style MagazineFamily Tree Magazine, Pearson EducationDog Fancy, and The Fargo Forum. I have also written and published 200+ articles for the web.

Below is one of my children's nonfiction articles, published at Imagination Cafe:

And check out this article on writing about your ancestors, published by

Here's one more: a sampling of my content writing, courtesy of Triangle Style Magazine (page 76):

For samples of my health writing, visit

2 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Stephanie L Robertson

    Hi Susie,
    I’m Stephanie from north Alabama. Just read your post about writing for too little $$$ and found it helpful.

    I did tech writing bf having a baby several years ago and now do freelance while she’s in school.

    A sensitive creative, I find myself questioning over and over of why I do the writing thing for so little monetary reward. Then I remind myself that it’s bc I wanted to be home for my dau. And suddenly it’s all worth it.


    1. Susie

      So glad my article was helpful, Stephanie. I can’t think of a better reason to hang in there and write! It can be very rewarding on many levels. Best of luck to you. Thanks so much for visiting my website!


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